Dregs Konveryn 2 Campaign War returns!

Crows, the Konveryn 2 (NA) & Konveryn 2 (EU) Campaign War Erupts! (LIVE PLAYTEST SERVER)
There will be separate NA and EU Campaigns

There will be separate NA and EU Campaigns.

Konveryn 2 (NA) & Konveryn 2 (EU) Campaign Start & End Times
NA Campaign starts: Friday, December 18, 4 PM CST and ends Tuesday, December 22, 11 PM CST
EU Campaign starts: Friday, December 18, 7 PM CET and ends Tuesday,  December 22, 11 PM CET

Imports, Exports and Win Conditions

  • Embargo Imports: 50
  • Embargo Exports: 50
  • Win Conditions: Victory Points
  • The faction or Guild who earns the most victory points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods! 
  • Additional rewards will be available for participants of the top three Guilds that earn the most Divine Favor; Glory, Wealth, and Power. See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details.

Prepare to fight for Glory, Wealth and Power for the Gods!

You must be Level 20 to enter this Campaign!