Celebrate the Holidays with the Winter Maiden Festival!

How do you celebrate the most festive season of the year? With a Winter Maiden Festival, duh! Together, spread holiday cheer and keep Marianople and Austera safe from the icy intruders beginning on December 17. Bah humbug! During the event, festival period rules will be in effect in Marianople and Austera* to prevent PvP from occurring during the joyous season. Getting to the festival zones is pretty easy; use the festival gate in Diamond Shores.

*Please note the localization of the quest “Blessing the Basins” will direct you to Mistmerrow. However, this is incorrect and the festival is celebrated in Marianople and Austera.

What is there to do during the Winter Maiden Festival?

During the event, visit the Winter Maiden’s Messenger in your capital city to begin a myriad of festival quests! Engage in the festive activities of fending off ice-cold intruders, spreading merry tidings, building snowmen, and completing the Nutcracker to earn Festival Coins!

You can exchange your Festival Coins at a Festival Exchanger for the following stocking stuffers:
Yule Maiden Hat – 20 Festival Coins
Reindeer Headwear – 20 Festival Coins
Snowman Headwear – 20 Festival Coins
Wool Hat – 20 Festival Coins
Cupcake Whimsy Hat – 20 Festival Coins
Beribboned Cupcake Whimsy Hat – 20 Festival Coins
Snowman Cupcake Hat – 20 Festival Coins
Decorative Snowman Cupcake – 25 Festival Coins
Decorative Cupcake – 25 Festival Coins
Decorative Beribboned Cupcake – 25 Festival Coins
Winter Maiden’s Lullaby – 25 Festival Coins
Winter Maiden Festival Tree – 25 Festival Coins
Manastorm Crystal – 5 Festival Coins (F2P ONLY)

As a bonus, you can earn more Festival Coins and other goodies by completing the Winter Maiden Festival achievements!

The Winter Maiden Festival ends on December 31 at 01:00 UTC, so log in and join the holiday fun before it ends.