ArcheAge: Decking the Halls for Winter Maiden

It’s the time of year where we deck the halls and shout about festive cheer! The Winter Maiden Festival has returned, and there is no better time than now to begin wrapping gifts (for yourself, of course), preparing your favorite festive outfit to keep warm, and get those final decorations up in your house. All of this, and more, awaits you in this week’s Marketplace update!

Goodies Under the Tree

Just like wrapped presents, it’s a surprise on what’s inside! Have a chance to receive the namesake item of the crate when you purchase a crate. Whether you’re riding on a festive Yaer Sleigh, aback the Hellwing Pegasus or relaxing with a brand new companion there is something for everyone.

Yaer Sleigh Crate – 450 Credits
Hellwing Pegasus Crate – 450 Credits
Conker’s Cube Crate – 450 Credits
Squirrel Companion Crate – 450 Credits

Hellwing Pegasus

Festive Times Indoors

Staying indoors can be a bit of a drag, but a well-decorated house inside and out makes it much more tolerable! If you’re looking for a festive house design to celebrate the holidays, look no further!

Winter Maiden Cottage Design – 2000 Credits*

* Limited to 1x per character

It’s Cold Outside!

Bundle up and keep warm this Holiday season with the Icekissed Winter Festival Costume, perfect for standing under the mistletoe.

Icekissed Winter Festival Costume – 1800 Credits

Fuel Your Hunt

Channel your inner hunter with the Hunt Pack. Get 5 Hunting Boosts that increases your Attack Speed, Skill Damage, XP Gain, Loot Drop Rate and Move Speed while decreasing your cast time. This package cotains other goodies to keep you going during the thrill of the hunt! Available until December 29!

Hunting Pack – 1200 Credits
Hunting Boost x5
Bound Ultimate Elixir of the Hunt x5
Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir x5
Bound Alluvion Love x30
Bound Stormraw Wave x30
Adventurer’s Assorted Ribs x10

Yaer Sleigh

Deck the Halls

The Winter Maiden Festival is here! Finish decking your halls and walls of your home with these festive decor items. Most of these items will disappear on December 29!

Golden Snowflake Garland – 75 Credits
Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer – 225 Credits
Starpop Post – 100 Credits
Itty-Bitty Glittergreen – 75 Credits
Memorabilia Music Box – 1200 Credits (Available until January 7)

Dangerously Delicious

Nothing is better than a brand new weapon image, other than a tasty one! Kill your enemies with these sugary themed weapon images, they won’t see the sugar rush coming. These weapon images are available until January 7!

Sweet Flavor Saber – 150 Credits
Candy Cleaver – 150 Credits
Neverending Gobsmacker – 150 Credits
Winter Wonderlance – 150 Credits
Lollipop Longstaff – 150 Credits

Winter Maiden Gifts for All

In the giving spirit of the Winter Maiden Festival, these items are available to be claimed for all through Erenor. Nobody is on the naughty list! These items can be claimed up until January 7!

7-Day Scroll: Yuletide Farm Freighter – FREE*
Manastorm Crystal x1 – FREE**

*Limited to 1x per character
** Limited to 1x per character per day

Glide For Loyalty!

A brand new magithopter has landed in the Loyalty Shop! Experience Nebe’s Favor Magithopter, just in time for the festival.

Nebe’s Favor Magithopter – 650 Loyalty

Don’t wait, these deals get wrapped back up in their festive packaging as early as December 29!