Screenshot Contest: Show Us Your Beautiful Faces

It’s time to show off your most magical creations. We aren’t talking about your Crests or house decor – we’re talking about your characters! Beginning December 15, 2020, show us your most unique but still loveable faces. Whether your creation was something handcrafted with a lot of fine-tuning and work or just a couple of quick slider adjustments, we want to see it! You can submit your ugly face creations to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #ArcheAgeFaces.

Wonder what is there to win? Our three winners will get the following rewards:
The first prize is a Keyboard Aorus 9 and a Gigabyte Optical Gaming Mouse M6900
The second place will win a Headset Force H3 Black
Our third winner will get a Gigabyte Optical Gaming Mouse M6900

If the ArcheAge Team thinks that your character’s face is the ugliest thing they have ever seen, you may be one of the few who win a hardware prize from GIGABYTE! Additionally, amongst all entries, ten winners will be chosen randomly via raffle and receive one game pack of their choice for the version they play (for ArcheAge – Nehliya Archeum Pack & for ArcheAge: Unchained – Archeum Unchained Pack). Your character’s beautifully ugly face will then be used for our makeup contest, where we challenge you to recreate it with the power of makeup beginning January 11.

The winning entries as well as others of the ugliest face contest will be your inspiration for our next contest. If you can recreate the ugly faces provided with the power of makeup, then you may be in luck! If you recreate such magnificent beauty and show us starting January 11 you can be the winner of up to 1000 EUR!

Looking for more details or perhaps some inspiration? Visit our contest site here for more information!