The December Update Approaches

A brand new update is on the horizon for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Adventurers! Heed the call of the sovereigns and investigate what or who has been wreaking havoc all across Erenor. That’s not all – rumor has it a Community Center is rebuilt on the Aurorian continent, welcoming in residents once again.

Explore Erenor through an entirely new lens with the expansion of The Chronicles, and learn more about the powerful presence leaving thousands dead in their wake. Rally your faction and get ready to take on this new powerful presence in Mysthrane Gorge for a chance to win the Faction Competition to face Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation, all beginning on December 17.

That’s not all. Auroria throws its gates open wide, warmly welcoming potential residents to live on its lands once more. Additionally, Auroria has plans to build its very own Community Center! Alongside the introduction of the Community Center: Community NPCs, Resident Ranks, and Resident Rewards will make their way to the continent. All of this and much more awaits you in the December Update!

Be sure to keep an eye out on our official social media channels for teasers on all of this and more!

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