[EXPLOIT] Smart Cluster Queue Buff

Hi everyone,

We are aware of a bug that can cause players who get teleported when using the Smart Cluster Queue to obtain a temporary buff which allows them to be invulnerable to damage while still able to attack others in a cluster for around 2 minutes. This buff usually comes with a silence, however, in case of the bug, the silence is not working properly.

We consider abusing this to be an exploit under clause 15.5.4 of our Terms and Conditions and those who abuse this will be sanctioned accordingly. If you see anyone abusing this from this post onwards, please file a report by writing to support@albiononline.com and provide any evidence you might have (video confirmation of the exploit and time stamp of when the video was taken).

Note that if you are affected by this bug, you are not allowed to attack, harm, interfere with, heal or support other players until the invulnerability and invisibility has fully expired.

Our developers are currently working on fixing this issue as soon as possible and we will continue to update you on it.

– Mytherceria & Dev Team