Weekend play testing plan for TEST – December 4th

Hey Crows,

It’s Friyay and we’d like to provide you with some focused testing for the weekend. We’d love for you to fly on over to TEST and test out the 6.300 changes here and here.   To help ensure that you can level and gear up quickly, TEST has free vendors available. We’re looking for https://community.crowfall.com/forum/222-beta-playtest-bug-reports/bugs, balance changes or feedback on the transition from passive skills to disciplines, basically anything we’ve announced in update 6.300 and don’t forget any issues with Infected functionality.

Please make sure to provide full details when reporting anything on our bug or feedback threads for example, it’s very important that you include what type of tools you were using and the nodes harvesting if you’re reporting a bug associated with the use of them. 

Please report anything that you feel is not working as it should on our bug forum. This is important to us and aids in identifying any issues that would prevent us from moving this version to our LIVE Beta server.  

We really appreciate all of you and look forward to your reports!

Have a great weekend!