ArcheAge: Unchained : Welcoming the Holiday Season

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s December, and it’s time to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year! Treat yourself to brand new Costumes, house designs and festive decor, just in time to entertain the guests you’ll have over (in Erenor, of course!) This Marketplace Update includes deals for just about everyone, so take a peek at what’s arrived!

Daru’s Special Costume Offer

Daru’s have come back with more costumes, yes, yes? Have a chance to receive one of these Costumes within the box randomly! This box is available for purchase until January 7, 2021!

Daru’s Special Costume Offer #6 – 799 Credits*
Receive one of the following: Righteous Nui’s Chosen Uniform, Courageous Nui’s Chosen Uniform, or Vigilant Nui’s Chosen Uniform

*Limited to 1x purchase per account

Coziest Little Mushroom To Yourself!

Make your very own Mushroom house for yourself in the forest (or anywhere else) with the Design: Forest Mushroom House! Show your neighbors just how fun and quirky you are with the Mushroom Decor Bundle or pick up the pieces individually!

Design: Forest Mushroom House – 3000 Credits

Mushroom Carpet – 500 Credits
Carved Stump Table – 350 Credits
Toadstool – 150 Credits Mushroom
Table Lamp – 300 Credits Mushroom
Wall Lamp – 150 Credits
Mushroom Plushie – 500 Credits

A Winter Wonderland Indoors!

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay safe and stay indoors. Bring the excitement of the holiday season inside and decorate your personal space with these festive decorative items. Whether you’re aiming for a few accent pieces or a whole interior design, there is something for you!

Santa Belly End Table – 200 Credits
Gingerbread Lamp – 200 Credits
Santa Clause Chair – 150 Credits
Rudolph the Reindeer Table – 300 Credits
Santa Hearth Stocking – 100 Credits
Snowman Hearth Stocking – 100 Credits
Yata Hearth Decor – 100 Credits
Festive Snowflake Rug – 400 Credits
Winter Wonderland Phonograph – 800 Credits
Santa Buddies Couch -350 Credits
Santa Claus Coffee Table – 300 Credits
Tree Topper Bookshelves – 350 Credits
Winter Wonderland Window – 250 Credits
Festive Holiday Wreath – 100 Credits
Santa Buddies Partitions – 400 Credits
Petite Snowy Tree – 450 Credits
Golden Snowflake Garland – 75 Credits
Glowing Candy Canedeer – 225 Credits
Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer – 225 Credits
Prancing Candy Canedeer – 225 Credits
Snowflake Star – 225 Credits
Starpop Post – 100 Credits
Candy Cane Post – 100 Credits
Starbright Holiday Tree – 475 Credits
Fairy Sparkle Tree – 200 Credits
Itty-Bitty Glittergreen – 75 Credits
Itty-Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree – 75 Credits

Festive and Deadly

Kill your foes with kindness and holiday cheer with these special holiday weapons that double as festive decorations when sheathed!

Sweet Flavor Saber – 150 Credits
Candy Cleaver – 150 Credits
Tree-Topper Chopper – 150 Credits
Tinsel Tabar – 150 Credits
Yuletide Basher – 150 Credits
Twistpop Impaler – 150 Credits
Whirlypop Wand – 150 Credits
Rudolph’s Redoubt – 150 Credits

Deal on Tax Certificates

This holiday season means socially-distanced holiday parties! Make sure that your land is paid off and set some tax payments up in advance with this special deal on 400 Bound Tax Certificates. Tax season is just around the corner!

Bound Tax Certificate x400 – 2500 Credits*

*Limited to 1x purchase per character