Known Issues: Rise of Avalon Patch 10

Known Issues

  • Items in storage at the Banks at Energy Manipulators in Royal Cities and Hideouts and Territory Battlevaults are missing – Will be hotfixed
  • Due to an invisible collision on the bridge to the Expedition Master in Martlock, players are stuck while crossing the bridge – Will be hotfixed
    • Temporary workaround: Teleporting stones have been placed where one allows players to exit the bridge from the Expedition side and the other allows players to get across the bridge to the Expedition Master
  • Offseason 20v20 Crystal League timeslots for Level 1 matches are outdated – Will be hotfixed
    • Current time slots: 1 UTC, 14 UTC, 20 UTC
    • Intended time slots: 1 UTC, 12 UTC, 19 UTC
  • 20v20 Crystal League gives out 3 times more Fame books than intended – Will be hotfixed

We intend to resolve these as soon as possible.

– Mytherceria