Black Friday – 15% Off PLEX

Bargain-loving Capsuleers,

Black Friday is here and that means great deals for Capsuleers! As of now, you can get 15% off select PLEX packages plus free SKINs, the Black Friday Tax Haven returns, and there are daily login rewards in the Bonus Booster Gifts event!

15% Off PLEX

You can save 15% when you buy PLEX, and get free SKINs with the selected packages shown below until 11:00 UTC on 30 November:
– 1100 PLEX – 15% off
– 2860 PLEX – 15% off plus free SKIN
– 7430 PLEX – 15% off plus 3 free SKINs
– 15400 PLEX – 15% off plus 5 free SKINs

Black Friday Tax Haven

UPDATE: the Black Friday Tax Haven will begin in the next couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Returning for 2020 is the Black Friday Tax Haven, meaning that you can enjoy a big reduction in sales tax on New Eden’s regional market, so it’s the perfect time to sell some of the PLEX you have in your PLEX Vault, or any other item on the market. Please see below for the exact sales tax that will be applied based on your Accounting skill level:
– 2.5% if Accounting skill not trained
– 2.225% at Accounting level 1
– 1.95% at Accounting level 2
– 1.675% at Accounting level 3
– 1.4% at Accounting level 4
– 1.125% at Accounting level 5

The sales tax reduction ends at 11:00 UTC on 30 November, so get trading!

Bonus Booster Gifts

To coincide with Black Friday, you can claim free daily login rewards until 11:00 UTC on 1 December. Rewards for Alpha pilots include a variety of Agency combat Boosters, and Omegas also get Skill Points, the Basic ‘Radiance’ Cerebral Accelerator, plus all Alpha rewards too.

Remember, you must log in on four out of the five days of the event to get all the gifts!

New Eden Store Offers

Last but not least, EVE Online’s New Eden Store is running two offers on the new Redclaw Sable SKIN until 11:00 UTC on 2 December!

You can get the Redclaw Sable SKIN free for the Rattlesnake when you buy 30 days of Omega in the New Eden Store, and you can get the same SKIN free for the Stratios when you purchase a Multiple Pilot Training Certificate from the store.