ArcheAge: Many Goodies for All

Whether you fancy Costumes, Mounts, Pets, or special surprises, you can enjoy a variety of fabulous goodies until December 3 at sensationally low prices. They’re too good to let them pass, so make sure to grab yours!

Marketplace Update

Sunny Dressing Ceremonies

As a VIP, you must always look the part. For important occasions, grab the Ceremonial Commander’s Attire or venture through the lands and seas of Erenor in the Sun Bear Chroma while risking your own life for Erenor’s people!

Ceremonial Commander Crate – 450 Credits
Sun Bear Chroma – 2500 Credits*

*Available until December 10

Cute but Mighty

Meet Hereafter Hoppington, the fluffiest creature of the Hereafter! If you prefer ferocious over cute, meet the Hellwraith Kirin, said to have been created by a Nuon god and just as strong! Both loyal beasts can help you in battles and escape dangers, but the choice is yours!

Hereafter Hoppington Crate – 4̶5̶0̶ 350 Credits
Hellwraith Kirin Crate – 450 Credits

Special Black Week Surprise

This special Surprise comes with tons of useful goodies! Until December 10, purchase one Surprise Box daily to receive Manastorm Crystals, Loyalty Tokens, Gilda Stars, Kyrios Badges, and Honorable Vocation Potions Rank 5.

Black Friday Surprise Box (Legacy) – 150 Credits**

**Limited to 1 purchase per day

Only a Wisp Away

Hey, look! Listen! This Wisp, a mysterious little ball of light, is a sentient being, can stealth its owner and also be used as a Farmhand appearance!

Wisp Crate – 450 Credits

Support to help you on your journey

Get your hard work on, or gear up with synthesizing and tempering. These Packs offer everything you need to become as strong as you always wanted to be!

Labor and Vocation Pack – 8̶5̶5̶0̶ 5600
Credits Infusion Support Pack – 4̶0̶1̶5̶ 2800
Credits Equipment Support Pack – 6̶8̶0̶0̶ 4500 Credits

Additions to the Loyalty Shop

Welcome our newest additions to the Loyalty Shop: the Wisp and Ceremonial Commander’s Attire! It’s a perfect match!

Wisp – 650 Loyalty
Ceremonial Commander’s Attire – 650 Loyalty

New Black Week Offers

Haven’t had any luck with our Crates? Only on November 27 from 10 AM UTC until 11:59 PM UTC, take your chance at grabbing these limited offers! Each offer comes with different limits, so pay close attention and be fast!

Hellwraith Kirin – 3950 Credits
• Limit: 10 per server

Wisp – 2950 Credits
• Limit: 10 per server

Infusion Support Pack – 4̶0̶1̶5̶ 1000 Credits
• Limit: 50 per server

Equipment Support Pack – 6̶8̶0̶0̶ 1700 Credits
• Limit: 40 per server

Cyber Monday Specials

Same as our Black Week additional offers, these specials come with different limits! Get your hands on these items only on November 30 from 00:00 UTC until 11:59 PM UTC.

Wrapped Tidebreaker Tortoise – 2950 Credits
• Limit: 10 per server

Wrapped Hereafter Hoppington – 2950 Credits
• Limit: 10 per server

Ceremonial Commander’s Attire – 1450 Credits
• Limit: 20 per server

Labor and Vocation Pack – 8̶5̶5̶0̶ 2100 Credits
• Limit: 50 per server

The clock is ticking, so take advantage of these incredible offers now!
Most of these deals end on December 3, if not otherwise mentioned.