Black Week Unchained Base Pack and DLC Discounts

Black Week is heating up with deals for ArcheAge: Unchained! Grab the Game, Expansion, Bundle, or even the Archeum Unchained pack for low prices beginning on November 25 at 2 PM UTC (6 AM PST)! There’s no time to spare, your journey starts here!

What are the Deals?

Start your journey and Discover your Legendary Self with ArcheAge: Unchained for only $9.99 here!

Looking for a little more to explore with? Grab the Archeum Unchained Pack for only $30.99 exclusively on the Glyph Store here and get two Costumes, two dance emotes, a Golden Wyrmwings image for your glider, and 4000 Credits!

Have the urge to explore a little more in Erenor? Pick up the Garden of the Gods – Expansion for $6.99 here and Discover your Legendary Self and the Garden of the Gods firsthand!

Missing out on the game and Expansion? Grab the ArcheAge: Unchained + Garden of the Gods Bundle for $16.99 here!

A great deal like this never lasts a long time. So move with haste before these deals disappear on December 1 at 2 PM UTC (6 AM PST)