Explosive Velocity – New Update

Impactful Capsuleers,

The new Explosive Velocity update is coming to EVE Online as part of the Phoenix Quadrant on 24 November, with changes to damage application for torpedoes, as well as updates to Dreadnought class hulls and the Griffin Navy Issue.

XL torpedoes are getting increases to damage, explosion velocity, and missile velocity, with all other torpedoes also having their explosion and missile velocities increased, and explosion radius decreased. This will have an effect on a number of vessel types, including Dreadnoughts such as the Phoenix, as well as Raven and Typhoon class Battleships to name but a few.

Speaking of the Phoenix, with this update during its Quadrant namesake, it will have its Power Grid and CPU allowance increased, allowing it to have more high slot utility while still being able to tank and use torpedoes.

The Moros will also experience changes thanks to the Explosive Velocity update, with the addition of one low slot and removal of a mid slot, allowing it to compete more favorably in terms of damage and tank with other ships in the Dreadnought category.

The Griffin Navy Issue will also experience some balance changes, with a move towards becoming an ECM drone platform. Changes include the addition of an electronic warfare drone jam duration bonus, plus drone bandwidth and drone bay capacity increases. It will also see drone damage, hit point, and control range penalties added.

Also, as part of this update, Stealth Bombers will be balanced in light of the changes to torpedoes, and will see their bonus to maximum torpedo velocity reduced slightly, and their bonus to explosion velocity removed.

Finally, to complement the Explosive Velocity update, you will be able to get 25% off selected SKINs for many of the above rebalanced ships in EVE’s New Eden Store from 24 November to 1 December, downtime to downtime. These include the Zento Isideko Combine SKIN for the Phoenix, Griffin Navy Issue, Leviathan, Scorpion Navy Issue, Widow, and Raven, plus the Moros Ruby Sungrazer SKIN, and Typhoon Bloody Hands SKIN.