The Revival Game Update 6.200 is now Live!

The Revival (Game Update 6.200)

Today, Crowfall, released its latest game update, The Revival (Game Update: 6.200). “This update is a tribute to our players as it was their feedback that led us to innovate on the system. The system empowers players to be the architect of their Crow’s unique build – the power is in the player’s hands, it is only limited by our player’s imaginations”, said J. Todd Coleman (Co-Founder, Creative Director for ArtCraft Entertainment).   

Talent trees have undergone a complete overhaul! All talent nodes will now cost 1 talent point, with the exception of discipline nodes. Discipline nodes are automatically unlocked at no cost at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. Additionally, you will only gain 1 talent point every other level (meaning that at level 30, you should have had 15 total talent points to spend in your tree). Choose wisely! For more information about the changes to  Talent Trees, visit our news page for each class reveal. 

Promotional specializations have been updated or refined for many classes.

Major and Minor Disciplines have been completely revamped – powers granted by each discipline have been reorganized and/or renamed to fit the theme/value of that discipline.  Many have requirements based on the character’s race, class, or Domain selections.  Additionally, some powers which were previously available to a class are now available via the appropriate Discipline.

In addition to each Capstone talent selection, a character can choose a Domain which grants access to different Major and Minor Disciplines.

Campaign Rewards: At the end of a Campaign, participants may be eligible for Campaign Rewards based on their guild’s ranking in the campaign.  Currently, these Rewards are determined by the top three guilds that had the most Divine Favor, Glory, Wealth, or Power.  These Campaign Rewards can be claimed in the Lobby by selecting the map of a completed campaign.

We will continue to expand and tune the Campaign Rewards in future milestones

Click here for the full update notes.