ArcheAge: The Rise of the Farmhands!

All hail the Rise of Nehliya! With our latest Marketplace Update, look stunning while you explore the mysteries of the Mysthrane Gorge, switch up your Farmhand’s appearance, and gear up in the Rock’n’Scroll event!

Prepare your Farmhands
We’ve got the perfect gift for you! Using the new Farmhand Customization: Forest Fairy, change the appearance of your Farmhand to the Forest Fairy Powerstone Pet. This freebie flutters away on November 26, so get it while you can.
Unlike ordinary house pets, you can equip your Farmhands to make them more efficient! It’s time to get to work, so pick up the Equipment Pack containing all the equipment currently available or get them separately.
And keep their Vigor points high with the Vitalizing Treat to keep your Farmhands going!

Farmhand Customization: Forest Fairy – FREE!

Farmhand Equipment Pack – 8500 Credits*
Contains: Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Gathering, Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Farming, Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Logging, Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Husbandry.

Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Gathering – 2950 Credits*
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Farming – 2950 Credits*
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Logging – 2950 Credits*
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Husbandry – 2950 Credits*

Please note that the Wrapped Farmhand Equipment items are not tradable.

* Limited to 1 per account
Vitalizing Treat x3 – 150 Credits

Uncharted Mysthrane Gorge
Don’t rush to the Mysthrane Gorge without being prepared! Until December 10, take advantage of many useful consumables that will help you to discover all the secrets that lie within.

Mysthrane Explorer Pack – 1000 Credits**
Contains: Bound Nui’s Favor x4, Hunting Boost x4, Bound Ultimate Elixir of the Hunt x4, Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir x4, Bound Alluvion Love x15, Bound Stormraw Wave x15, Adventurer’s Assorted Ribs x5

** Limited to 2 purchases per day, per account.
Available until December 10.

Rock’n’Scroll On
Gear up with your very own Rock’n’Scroll Chest to improve your chances on your journeys through unexplored lands. But hurry; this event rocks out on December 10!

Rock’n’Scroll Chest – 1000 credits
Randomly grants one from the following items:
Gem Upgrade Scroll (x1-5), Resplendent Armor Tempering Charm, Resplendent Weapon Tempering Charm, Lucky Hiram Infusion x3.

Leafy-leafy Lotus
With its high speed and its Special Skill Lotus Yard that allows you to charge and immobilize your enemies, the Lotus Magithopter will be a great help in your quests! Many useful consumables and items are available in the Lotus Magithopter Crate.

Lotus Magithopter Crate – 350 Credits
Available until November 19.

Loyalty Shop Update
The Loyalty Shop contains useful items related to the Rock’n’Scroll event and the Rise of Nehliya Update, so be sure to pop over and check them out!

Ruby (Rank 1) – 10 Loyalty***
Powerstone Pumpkin – 650 Loyalty

***Please note: the current description says Gem Upgrade Scrolls are granted every 40 minutes. However, they are granted every 2 hours.

Get these deals before they are covered forever by the sands of the Mysthrane Gorge!