The Art of EVE Live stream

Art-loving Capsuleers,

People say that the CCP art department’s ability to mesmerize players with their creations must have its origins in something beyond human comprehension and often cannot be explained by common laws governing our universe.

Even if we naturally agree with this factual statement, we will try and decipher some of the mysteries behind the work that went into, among other things, the new Jita 4-4 station, Proving Grounds environments, and the Supercarrier update. If we get lucky, we might even discover a secret method that the Triglavian Collective had planned for harvesting stars or learn about never-before-seen Stellar Transmuters and their states.

To catch this event in all its glory, all you need to do to tune in to CCPTV on Tuesday 10 November at 15:00 UTC, where CCP Convict will sit down with CCP Myrkur, CCP BlueScreen, CCP Jörg, and CCP BunnyVirus to share all the details with you!

You’re going to want to be there on time as we will start the show with a New Eden motor show of galactic proportions!

CCP TV will go live with a relaxing pre-show stream from 14:30 UTC showing off some of the newest art assets live in-game before getting down to business with the art team 30 minutes later.