The Rise of Nehliya is Upon Us…

A powerful and foreboding presence stirs among the ruins of Halnaak’s Arcane Academy within the Mysthrane Gorge – a land since laid untouched for thousands of years until recently. With its intentions unknown, you must discover what lies ahead.

Explore the Mysthrane Gorge in the Rise of Nehliya update coming on November 12! Defeat enemies corrupted by the Akasch, obtain Soulslake Gear to show off your victory and conquest against a truly powerful monster and defend the Sealstones at whatever the cost. This update is sure to put your vehicle upgrading skills to the test and push your faction coordination to its limits!

More than just a brand new map, you can now take full advantage of the coveted Farmhand System. These helpful NPCs have an interactable UI that will harvest your crops, tend your livestock, and run your Trade Packs! This and so much more comes with the Rise of Nehliya update!

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