Status Briefing: Ecosystem Update

With a break in the invasion by Triglavian Collective forces, CONCORD has been able to divert some attention from EDENCOM and resume semi-normal operations. The first such item has been an update to the Dynamic Bounty System (DBS) and Encounter Surveillance System (ESS). Both aspects of the new systems have been introduced, including hardware and software elements, with pre-release versions available for evaluation now on the Singularity test server.

Capsuleers are advised to attend the public briefing on these ecosystem changes, streamed live on CCPTV at 15:00 UTC on 4 November, in order to process this information.

Please join Brave Collective fleet commander and new player-coach Alexis Finch, Goonswarm Federation fleet commander and Locust SIG leader Dawn Rhea, and your host Carneros as they interview CCP Psych and CCP Rattati.

The broadcast will be streamed live on in English.