Crafting Stations & Corrupted Dungeons Hotfix (Update: 17:36 UTC)

Update (17:36 UTC): Server is back!

Hi everyone,

We will need to take the server down temporarily for a hotfix due to the following issues:

  • Crafting Stations do not regenerate their Crafting Capacity
  • Some trap templates in the Corrupted Dungeons are double layered, making fire laser traps emit additional lasers and Lava traps

* Please note that whilst the Crafting Capacity regeneration will be fixed following this, the UI will still display incorrectly. You will need to change zones and return to see the Crafting Capacity regenerate for now. We aim to fix the UI as soon as possible.

The server will go down in about 15 minutes. This will take approximately 15 minutes and the game should be up at ~ 17:30 UTC.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

– Mytherceria & Dev Team