Akasch Costume Design Contest Winners!

Thank you all for participating in the Akasch Costume Design Contest! Many of you created wonderfully stunning creations, making it a challenging task for the ArcheAge team and XLGames to make a selection from all of your entries. Without further delay, we’d like to show you which costumes have placed in our top 3 of the Costume Design Contest!

Our third-place winner is Leelo from Alexander with their costume design!

Our second-place winner is Panthalon from Halnaak with their Serpent Follower costume design!

And last but not least, our first place winner, who will have their costume design put into the world of Erenor, is Sabine from Crazzian!

Congratulations to our top three winners, and thanks to everyone who participated. You made it a fun competition, and we enjoyed reviewing all of your artistic, unique, and creative works of art. All participants who met the entry requirements will be receiving an Admin’s Handmade Candy.

There were some notable costumes that the team would like to acknowledge, such as:

Lyrielle’s entry for the Inflatable Snake Costume! Although you told us not to take it as a serious entry, it warmed our hearts nevertheless and made us chuckle.

Finally, the entry by team Creamy + FayFay from Taris was also amongst the finalists for the Community Managers!