New Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN

The new Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN for ORE ships is now available in EVE Online’s New Eden Store! You can grab this striking SKIN for your Bowhead, Covetor, Endurance, Hulk, Mackinaw, Noctis, Orca, Porpoise, Primae, Procurer, Prospect, Retriever, Rorqual, Skiff, and Venture.

The Rockbreaker Pioneers were one of ORE’s most effective – and unusually heavily-armed – specialist pioneer fleets. This SKIN pays tribute to those unafraid of exploring hostile territory in search of valuable asteroids and other harvestable resource fields.

In addition to the Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN, you can also get the new Men’s and Women’s ORE Claim Surveyor Suit apparel items in the New Eden Store.