Get a Bonus with Your ArchePass Upgrade Ticket!

We’re not kitten around when we say, our Pumpkin Pass just got a whole lot sweeter! If you purchase an ArchePass Upgrade Ticket after October 15th at 8 AM UTC and before October 19th at 6:59 AM UTC, you can get your very own Witchy Black Cat Housepet for FREE! This sweet little cat – already dolled up in its own Witchy costume – can follow you around Erenor and is purr-fect for the Hallowtide Season!

Please note the ArchePass Upgrade Ticket must be purchased from the Marketplace to qualify for the bonus item. ArchePass Upgrade Tickets obtained through packages will not count towards this promotion.

If this sounds like mew-sic to your ears, head over to the Marketplace now!