Phoenix – Quadrant 4 Begins Today!

The shape of New Eden has been altered forever in the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, so now it’s time to rise from the ashes in “Phoenix”, EVE Online’s Quadrant 4! Following on from the fantastic Fight or Flight, Eclipse, and Zenith Quadrants in 2020, Phoenix will end the year spectacularly with big changes to Supercarriers, continuous balance and meta changes, as well as the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival events.

With their invasion now complete, the Triglavian Collective’s usurping of many star systems has changed the landscape of New Eden forever! Capsuleers have joined their cause, taken up arms against them, and in some cases have been forced to relocate to other systems.

EVE’s colossal Supercarriers will be getting a major update in the Phoenix Quadrant, including the introduction of a new tactical clone ability, allowing destroyed player capsules to respawn immediately at a local fleet Supercarrier and into a new ship stowed inside the Supercarrier itself! There will also be a significant visual update to Supercarriers in this update.

The highly popular Abyssal Proving Grounds will carry on into the Phoenix Quadrant, allowing Capsuleers to continue pitching themselves into intense PvP combat inside Abyssal Deadspace with different formats, specific ship classes, and leaderboards!

Phoenix will also bring with it various themed seasonal events, celebrations, and login campaigns, including the return of the Crimson Harvest, as well as the Yoiul Festival. There will also be new, ongoing daily challenges that will develop into a robust system, giving Capsuleers more reasons to undock and engage!

Keep your eyes peeled for even more news on what’s coming during the Phoenix Quadrant over the following weeks, including visual updates, meta changes, login campaigns, events and more.

In addition, the new Ascendant Phoenix and Blazing Phoenix Packs are now available to purchase for new and experienced players, marking the beginning of EVE Online’s Phoenix Quadrant! Act fast, though, as both packs are only available until 11:00 UTC on 1 December 2020!

Fly safe!