ACE Needs Your Support – Join the Battle in Dregs Next Week

Crows, we are reaching out to enlist your support to help improve performance – next week!

We are joining forces with our partners at Unity (our Crowfall game engine) to stress test the game, recording the information so we can better target upcoming performance fixes. Your help is critical to our success with this process.

We need your support beginning Tuesday of next week – by logging in, and joining with your friends or guildmates, you can help us maximize player population in Dregs siege events. Pushing the limits with real players, ensures we can get the best data possible.Your help in stress testing the game is critical to this testing process – ensuring large battles support high populations.

Join the Battle: Tuesday October 13 / 8 AM CT – Friday October 16 / 11:59 PM CT

Check the Siege Schedule here:

Monday we’ll identify the specific sieges we’ll be measuring!