Status Briefing: Triglavian Invasion

While the invading forces of the Triglavian Collective appear to have paused activity for the past few days following the fall of Krirald into Final Liminality, there are signs that could point to imminent escalation in activity. As a result, all Capsuleers are advised to attend the important status briefing stream on developments surrounding the Triglavian invasion on Sunday 11 October at 18:00 UTC.

EDENCOM Fleet Commander Arsia Elkin from Electus Matari and esteemed researcher Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci of the Arataka Research Consortium will join briefing host Carneros for this broadcast, which will include time for Q&A from the audience. For your convenience, the broadcast will feature an abridged history and background of the Triglavian Collective and their invasion of New Eden.

This stream will be delivered in English.