Get Feisty with the Cat-Ear Hood and Tiger Insignia Axe

    Cat-Ear Hood

    This stylish hood will keep your head warm and dry, and you’ll look cute to boot! It’ll frame your face purrfectly with a charming shape and lovely locks.

    Tiger Insignia Axe Skin

    Tigers are known for their strength and independence. From the sharp edges of its curved blades to the fearsome red glow of its tiger eyes, this axe skin will remind everyone that you’re known for those qualities, too.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of armor skin sets this week, so drop by the Gem Store to pick up returning favorites!

    Returning Today

    • Raiment of the Lich—30% Off
    • Executioner’s Outfit—30% Off
    • Witch’s Outfit—30% Off
    • Branded Mounts Pack
    • Llama Finisher
    • Rainbow Unicorn Finisher
    • Choya Finisher

    Returning This Week

    • Cosmic Harvesting Tool, Mining Tool, and Logging Tool—40% Off
    • Foefire Armor Package—25% Off
    • Foefire Mantle, Wraps, and Greaves—20% Off
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