Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

As an avid viewer of our many awesome Twitch content creators, CCP Convict found he had accumulated 5,000 points on Torvald Uruz’s channel. Turns out he could cash those in for the privilege of partaking in some internet spaceship action with Torv! So on Saturday, 3 October from 16:00 UTC, Torvald and Convict will be taking on the final Proving Grounds event for Quadrant 3 in a 2v2 T1 Cruiser format.

You can tune in to watch from Convict’s point of view on CCP TV or from Torvald’s on his channel.

Choosing will be difficult, so if you’re into:

  • Forgetting to launch drones
  • Melting guns
  • Flying out of the arena (by accident)

You should probably tune into CCP TV. If you like:

  • Mustaches
  • Melting prop mods
  • Flying out of the arena (on purpose)

You should probably watch Torvald.

OR you could just grab a friend and some filaments and go looking for them in the Proving Grounds around this time.

Either way we hope you’ll be entertained – see you there!

(Writing about yourself in third person feels weird.)