Weekend play testing plan for TEST – October 2nd

Happy Weekend Crows!

This weekend, we’d like you to focus with Alliances on TEST again.  To help ensure that you can level and gear up quickly, TEST has free vendors available.  

Testing this weekend is much like last week. We’d like guilds to test out Alliances, making sure that they apply and persist correctly. Guild Leaders and Guild Officers can invite other guilds to form an Alliance of up to four other guilds (Guild Leaders can modify their Guild member ranks through the Crowfall website). Alliance Status is displayed in the Alliance UI in the game, or in an Alliances menu.

  • Alliance functionality (particularly zoning with Alliance groups) works properly
  • Make sure you’re friendly with members in your Alliance and hostiles should remain hostile
  • Check that you’re able to group and trade
  • Guards are reacting proper (hostile or friendly depending on the circumstance)

Please report anything that you feel is not working as it should on our bug forum. This is important to us and aids in identifying any issues that would prevent us from moving this version to our LIVE Beta server.