Crowfall’s Guild Alliances update is now available on LIVE!

Guild Alliances (Update 6.100) is now fully live on the LIVE service introducing Guild Alliances into the already challenging Dregs Guild vs. Guild siege system. 

The Alliance system is now live offering a new path to victory for Guilds.
  • Allies will be gained and lost as Guilds form strategic alliances in a bid to conquer the world.  Alliances are dynamic, enabling guilds to join and leave at any time — and campaign specific, so that your ally in one world might be your enemy in the next. Alliance members are protected from friendly fire, and given access to use city resources without risk of attack by city guards. The Alliance system adds a layer of political maneuvering that can tip the scales between victory and defeat right down to the final seconds of the battle. 
Faction Chests offer expanded storage for guilds, craftsmen, and player-owned markets. 
  • Building on the foundation of the Eternal Kingdoms, player-owned worlds where player monarchs dictate everything from the ownership of buildings to the placement of the mountains, roads, hills, and cities; storage chests are now available for owners and their nobles. Now, Faction Chests can be found in campaigns worlds, as well — but be careful to defend them, for when a city is lost, to the victor go the spoils of war! 
Players can race into battle on mounted steeds, raising the battle to new heights.
  • This update also includes player mounts — player-activated figurines are used to summon magical steeds to ride into battle in style. Starting with a visually distinct set of horses (from the quarterhorse to the warhorse to the fabled Nightmare mount), and an intimidating Spider, this system offers players a significant boost in speed and the ability to travel in style. 
Crafting Improvements to produce resources and components en masse.
  • By popular demand, we’ve also included a host of changes to our crafting process — allowing players to create crafting components at volume in a single batch rather than one-at-a-time. 
Performance Improvements.
  • Additionally, this update has significant performance updates including texture streaming, allowing us to increase the number of players who can participate in a large-scale battle or siege to 175 players in a single zone or area.