Within the Shadows

Unleash the shadows from within and become one with the darkness with this week’s Shadows Revealed Packs! Make friends with the cute and cuddly Ebonfur Bjorn mount, don your attire with the Mountain Tribe Costume, or gain access to your most prized possessions with the Anywhere Warehouse. If cute and cuddly isn’t your style, these Packs also come with Gargoyle Guardian Wings, making you the perfect dragon hunter ever seen in Erenor!

Tell me more about these Packages

Cast a long shadow with the Shadows Revealed Silver Pack for $32.99! It comes with 30 Days of Patron Status, 1,000 Credits, 20 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits, a Wrapped Serendipity Stone, and many more convenient items to embrace the dark!

With the Shadows Revealed Gold Pack specially discounted to $65.99, you’ll look and feel like the fiercest warrior and adventurer that has ever lived! It contains 60 Days of Patron Status, the Mountain Tribe Costume, 2,500 Credits, 50 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits, an Anywhere Warehouse, and the cutest Ebonfur Bjorn you have ever seen!

Become the most respected dragon hunter in Erenor with the Shadows Revealed Archeum Pack for $98.99! This Pack not only comes with the Wrapped Enhanced Gargoyle Guardian Wings, but it also contains 90 Days of Patron, 5,000 Credits, the Mountain Tribe Costume, the Ebonfur Bjorn mount, 100 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits, as well as an Anywhere Warehouse to – well – have access to your warehouse from anywhere!

And that’s not all, folks. There are absolutely no limits on the number of Shadows Revealed Packs you can purchase per account or character. Yippee!

Hurry! These Packs will be leashed by the shadows on September 29th, so get yours today before it’s too late!