ArcheAge: Unchained : Costumes and Convenience

Whether you’re aiming for a brand new look or some convenience to save you time, adventurers of all stripes are sure to find something that piques their interest in this week’s Marketplace Update beginning September 17th. Whether you’re aiming to refresh your wardrobe and represent your favorite house with the House Uniform Chromas or looking to access your mailbox (almost) anywhere in Erenor, there’s a little something for everyone!

Please note: the changes stated in our Upcoming Changes announcement are now in effect! Constructive feedback is welcome in the Official Feedback thread.

Convenience, Anywhere!
Access your Mailbox and your Warehouse (almost) anywhere with the Bound Anywhere Warehouse and the Personal Any-Post Owl, making your adventures an absolute breeze!
Looking for these items, but don’t want to spend the Credits? Pick up this item in the Diligence Store!

These items are now permanently available in our Credit shop as well as the Diligence Store! Please note that these items are limited to 1x per account.

Bound Anywhere Warehouse – 2,950 Credits* Personal Any-Post Owl – 2,950 Credits* * Limited 1x per account

Represent Your House
Looking for a bit of a fashion refresh? Look no further! Represent your favorite house with the House Uniform Chroma outfits. Whether you’re the Dragon, Leviathan, Wyvern, or Kraken House, you can represent them with pride and in your favorite color when dyed with a Dye Ticket.
Back by popular demand are the Dynasty Robes for the more formal among us. These Robes were worn by the warriors of East Ishvara, and now you can replicate their style with ease and at a discount.

Dragon House Uniform Chroma | Kraken House Uniform Chroma

Dragon House Uniform Chroma – 1,715 Credits
Leviathan House Uniform Chroma – 1,715 Credits
Wyvern House Uniform Chroma – 1,715 Credits
Kraken House Uniform Chroma – 1,715 Credits

Wyvern House Uniform Chroma | Leviathan House Uniform Chroma

Ebongleam Dynasty Robes – 1,800 Credits
Icefall Dynasty Robes – 1,800 Credits
Blood Dream Dynasty Robes – 1,800 Credits

Consumables for All!
Grab your useful consumables now in the Credit Store! You can change the name of your family or guild, maximize the language proficiency that temporarily allows you to communicate with other factions, and so much more!
These items will be available in the Credit store indefinitely.

Bound Arcane XP Restoration Scroll – 200 Credits
Bound Decor Limit Increase – 1,275 Credits
Bound Grand XP Restoration Scroll – 50 Credits
Bound Immortal XP Tonic – 80 Credits
Bound Language Proficiency Spellbook – 600 Credits
Bound Nui’s Favor – 49 Credits
Bound Rare XP Restoration Scroll – 100 Credits
Bound Vocation Hastener Scroll – 29 Credits
Bound Expansion Scroll – 299 Credits
Family Growth Ticket – 1,000 Credits
Family Name Change Ticket – 2,250 Credits
Guild Name Change Ticket – 4,950 Credits
Language Proficiency Spellbook – 500 Credits
Saving Pendant – 1,250 Credits

Some of these deals will be available until October 1st, so don’t wait before they disappear for long!