Community Crunch 233: Crystal Isles Console Launch, Official Rates Increase & More!

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

On Tuesday, August 25th, we will be releasing Crystal Isles for XBOX and PS4 console users! Additionally, we will be enabling full server transfers into Crystal Isles and our freshly launched Official PC Servers. From August 25th, PC players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction. Similar to PC, console users will have a period of time where item and creature downloads will be disabled.

Official Rates Increase

With the major update on Tuesday, August 25th, we’ll be doubling the fun by doubling the Official Rates across PC, Xbox and PS4 as standard, along with some changes to our specialty servers. From the next major version, Official Server rates will now have increased default rates for Harvesting, Taming, and XP. What was previously ‘2x rates’ prior to today, will now become the new base rate (1x).

The increased 2x rates will be implemented directly in the game build itself. This means that Non-Dedicated Servers, Single Player Sessions and of course Unofficial Servers will also feel the increased rates. Therefore, if you’re currently using customized rates, it’s something you will want to keep in mind before this change is in place — specifically upon the release of the next Major Version on each of your respective platforms, you may wish to reduce your server/game rates by 50% to have the same effective values as before.

Official rates will be adjusted accordingly:

Standard Official Servers: 1x harvesting, taming, and XP (which is equivalent to 2x when considering our old values)

Small Tribes Servers: Smalls will have their taming, harvesting, and XP changed to 2.5x (which is equivalent to 5x when considering our old values)

Apocalypse Servers: These will remain at 3x harvesting, taming, and XP (which is equivalent to 6x when considering our old values)

EVO Event

As mentioned in prior Community Crunches, the Official Network rates will be increasing to 2X following the next major version update on Tuesday, August 25th. Following the update, we’ll have more information on EVO events. Until then, we’ll be using the EVO event system to apply the bonuses.

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