Become a Knight of the Night

Have you ever dreamt of befriending a dragon that becomes your most loyal companion, but you’re not so much of a fire breathing friend? With the returning Maelstrom Packs, your dream can become a reality. Now’s your chance to become the knight of the night, taking your Frost Dragon Mount for a ride, soaring through the beautiful skies of Erenor!

Tell me more about these Packages

Winter’s coming, so seize this moment to look your coolest with the Maelstrom Silver Pack for only $32.99! It contains 30 Days of Patron Status, the Winter’s Messenger Costume, 1,000 Credits, 150 Bound Tax Certificates, and many more useful consumables to get you ready for the coming cold months!

Grab the Maelstrom Gold Pack discounted to $65.99 to receive 60 Days of Patron Status, the Winter’s Messenger Costume, 2,500 Credits, 350 Bound Tax Certificates, a Permanent Personal Post Parrot, and much more!

Become a knight of the night with the Maelstrom Archeum Pack granting you the fierce and powerful Wrapped Frost Dragon Mount with Armor, 90 Days of Patron Status, the Winter’s Messenger Costume, 5,000 Credits, 700 Bound Tax Certificates, and lots of more useful items – for $98.99 only. Go on, blast away your enemies with the Dragon’s Frost Breath!

Oh! And there are no limitations on the number of packs you can purchase per account or character.

Don’t be tardy because these Packs disappear on September 22nd at 2 PM UTC!