ArcheAge: Celebrating in the Sun

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not that one, it’s ArcheAge’s 6th anniversary this month! This week’s Marketplace Update comes chock-full of goodies to keep you partying everywhere in Erenor. Beginning September 10th, you can celebrate with us on ArcheAge and enjoy the brand new Sun Zenith Crate, various costumes on sale, and a whole bunch of balloons!

Happy 6th Birthday ArcheAge!
Celebrate the 6th birthday of ArcheAge with the 6th Anniversary Companion Pack! This pack has the purrfect items to go along with a colorful celebration! Go for a walk with your newly found Pirate Cat friend, show off your deep connection with cats through the title “Purrfect Friends”, or make use of astonishing fireworks – the choice is yours!

6th Anniversary Companion Pack – 2,000 Credits
Contains: Pirate Cat Basket, Salon Certificate, Bound Pet Leash, Title: Purrfect Friends, Round Festival Firework x10

Up, Up, and Away!
The Balloon Magithopter was created by Pero and inspired by the colorful, floating blossoms in Ahnimar. This Magithopter was once just a hobby, shortly became a preferred method of travel for Daru merchants and later adventurers saving Erenor! Have a chance to receive a Wrapped Balloon Magithopter or other useful consumables when opening the Balloon Crate.

Balloon Crate – 350 Credits

Balloon Magithopter

Suns Out, Guns Out
Summer is almost over, but why not spend the final weeks of the season in style with the Sun’s Zenith Swimsuit costume? This costume was made with the beautiful sunny days lazing on the beach in mind! This Crate has a chance to drop a Sun’s Zenith Swimwear costume or other useful consumable items.

Sun’s Zenith Crate – 450 Credits

Anniversary Costume Sale
Style is ever-changing and evolving. So it’s time to get with the latest trends in fashion with new costumes just in time for the 6th anniversary of ArcheAge! Get some of your favorite costumes now on discount until September 17th and discounted Wrapped Dye Tickets until September 24th!

Milkmaid Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Dairy Farmer Chroma- 1,499 Credits
True Blue Yata Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Cheerberry Yata Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Blackjack Yata Pirate Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Prince Yateo Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Winter Yata Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Springsong Greenman Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Princess Greeniette Chroma – 1,499 Credits
Wrapped Dye Ticket – 800 Credits

Get your Decor on!
A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your backgrounds in your screenshots look great with these house decor items! The Hotspring Pond is perfect for an indoors or outdoors setting, and will remove your Clear Mind buff allowing you to rest easily again! Light up your house with the Lily Wall Lamp to bring nothing but pure elegance to any house. Please note that the Hotspring Pond is limited to 1x per account.

Hotspring Pond – 2,000 Credits*
Lily Wall Lamp – 400 Credits
*Limited to 1x per account

Hotspring Pond

An Act of Loyalty
Discover what the Firetalon Tribe has long known: the strength of the ostriches inhabiting the Windscour Savannah! They have bred and tamed them for easier travel, and it’s now your turn to enjoy!

Firetalon Ostrich – 650 Loyalty
Ostrich Helm – 50 Loyalty
Ostrich Saddle – 60 Loyalty
Ostrich Legguards – 65 Loyalty

Firetalon Ostrich

Most of these deals will expire on September 24th, so don’t wait too long before they’re gone again!