Make Unique Friends with the Bizarre Beasts Mount Skin Collection

    Bizarre Beasts Mount Skin Collection

    From a raptor that sparkles like Aurene to a warclaw that’s ready for Halloween, you’ll find plenty to love in this collection of fascinating skins! There’s something for each of your mounts—available exclusively through Bizarre Beasts Mount Select Licenses and Bizarre Beasts Mount Adoption Licenses.

    • Raptor: Aurene’s Prismatic Raptor, Marshland Salamander
    • Springer: Spotted Springtail
    • Skimmer: Primeval Skimmer, Elonian Waverider
    • Jackal: Luminous Jackal, Kintsugi Jackal
    • Griffon: Darkmist Shrike
    • Roller Beetle: Exo-Suit Roller Beetle
    • Skyscale: Exalted Sky Emperor, Bearded Dragon, Shattered Nightscale
    • Warclaw: Vital Geode, Mad Realm Warclaw, Bighorn Charger

    8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition

    It’s the third week to pick up the 8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition and receive four weekly shipments of valuable goods from the Black Lion Trading Company. Learn all about what you’ll find inside here.

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    Appearance Package Sales Continue

    Give your favorite character a fetching new look from head to toe with these popular appearance packages. Featuring outfits and additional matching items, exclusive weapon skins, and other Black Lion Trading Company goods, you’ve got everything you need to make a fashion statement!

    Visit the Gem Store throughout the week for a 15% discount on the following packages:

    • Shrine Guardian Appearance Package
    • All or Nothing Appearance Package
    • Bandit Sniper Appearance Pack
    • Timekeeper Package
    • Taimi’s Package
    • Zafirah’s Package

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal inventory of hat, shoulder, boot, and glove skins to prepare for fall. Keep an eye out for returning favorites!

    • Path of Fire Preparation Pack—25% Off
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