Face the Revelation!

Illuminate the night sky like a shooting star with one or more Legacy Revelation Packs! Beginning September 8th, for a limited time, these Packs will be available for purchase again – and with a 33% discount at that!

What are the packages?

Get a Legacy Silver Revelation Pack for only $34.99 to receive 30 Days of Patron Status, 1,000 Credits, 150 Bound Tax Certificates, and many more useful consumables to prepare for awaiting challenges!

Anywhere Warehouse

Grab yourself a Legacy Gold Revelation Pack discounted to $69.99 containing 60 Days of Patron Status, 2,500 Credits, 350 Bound Tax Certificates, an Anywhere Warehouse, and much more!

Nightfire Glider

Pick up the Legacy Archeum Revelation Pack offering a Wrapped Enhanced Nightfire Glider, a Permanent Personal Post Parrot, 90 Days of Patron Status, 5,000 Credits, 700 Bound Tax Certificates, and lots of more goodies – for only $99.99. Be the shooting star every Nuian or Haranyan looks up upon!

These Packs are available until September 14th, so face your revelation fast!