Continuing Research & Development

Trailblazing Capsuleers,

As part of ongoing research and development initiatives that aim to set EVE Online up for its third decade of success, we are working on a project that involves running the EVE client in a browser.

This experiment is part of our ongoing effort to improve the lives of new EVE players, making the game more accessible by removing the immediate download step.

This experiment will be limited to new players creating accounts from specific locations, and will only be available to users with a good internet connection and a modern browser. As with any R&D project, we do not know what the takeaways will be, but we are grateful to the players that will help us learn more.

This is just one project out of many that we have been working on in order to invest in the foundational technology of EVE Online, building on initiatives such as the 64-bit client introduction, and the Aether Wars project that was conducted with Hadean.

Thank you to all players who will end up participating in this experiment!