EVE Echoes Stream on CCPTV

Curious Capsuleers,

Have you started playing EVE Echoes on a mobile device yet? This Thursday at 18:00 UTC, CCP Aurora and CCP Fleebix will be joined on CCPTV by Joseph W. Derflinger, Community Developer for EVE Echoes, for an exclusive first look behind the scenes at what’s been going on in the first 3 weeks since EVE Echoes launched on 13 August.

Your hosts will be looking into how the thriving Capsuleer community of EVE Echoes has developed, they’ll be referring to data, analyzing the numbers, and dissecting the level of ship destruction!

Find out what’s happening right now in EVE Echoes and what’s going to happen tomorrow by joining the CCPTV stream on Thursday 3 September at 18:00 UTC. As always, there will be a Twitch Chat Q&A at the end of the stream.

See you on stream!