The Bloodsong Packs Return!

The Bloodsong Update brought us notable features like the Mistsong Summit, the Sparring Arena, and more. Relive the glory and memories of the 2.5 Bloodsong Update with the return of the Bloodsong Packages for ArcheAge! These packs will be available for purchase again from September 1st, and with a 33% discount on top of that! Whether you missed the opportunity to pick up the package back then or are looking for something for nostalgia’s sake, these packages are back for a limited time.

What are in the packages?

Pick up a Silver Bloodsong Pack for $34.99 and get 1,000 Credits, 30 days of Patron, Anywhere Warehouse, and other useful consumables to assist you throughout Erenor!

Grab the Gold with the Gold Bloodsong Pack for $69.99 that includes 2,500 Credits, 60 days of Patron, Wrapped Skillsaver Pendant and so much more!

Or reach for the stars with the Archeum Bloodsong Pack for $99.99 containing 5,000 Credits, 90 days of Patron, Birch Treehouse, and so much more!

Please note that the “Bloodsong Archeum Pack” will display as “Archeum Mistsong Pack” in-game.


The Bloodsong packages will disappear once again on September 7th!