The Power Unbound Event has Arrived!

The power is now in your hands with the brand new Power Unbound event coming to ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained on August 27th!

Head to Mirage Isle and get to work on the new Grimoire Workbench and turn your 10 Paper and Blue Salt Hammers into Special Scrolls. To get to Mirage Isle, take any of the portals throughout Erenor in most cities, towns, and safe zones. Afterward, you can use the Special Scroll to turn into a random Grimoire!

What are the Grimoires and what do they do?

Bound Haste Grimoire – Increases Move Speed +10% for 1 hour
Bound Promise Grimoire – Increases all stats +70 for 1 hour
Bound Zeal Grimoire – Increases skill damage and healing +4% for 1 hour
Bound Fierce Grimoire – Decreases combat skill cooldown -10% for 1 hour
Bound Temper Grimoire – Decreases received damage -5% for 1 hour
Bound Healing Grimoire – Restores 30% of Max Health
Bound Meditation Grimoire – Restores 18% of Max Mana every 2.5 sec for 10 seconds.
Bound Experience Grimoire – Increases experience gained by 20% for 1 hour
Bound Greedy Grimoire – Increases Loot Drop Rate by 10% for 1 hour

This event is only here for a short while and will end on September 10th! The Workbench will disappear from Mirage Isle, but don’t fret – the Grimoires will remain!