The Ipnysh Sanctuary is Now Uncovered

The Ipnysh Sanctuary was once a magnificent place of worship built in the image of the Garden. It was built as a final resting place for the Ipnya, in hopes that upon death they would return to the Garden. Since then, this once glorious structure’s walls have crumbled, glass cracked and shattered. Without a warden to maintain order, the Watchers and Guardians of the sanctuary are determined to destroy all who enter whether friend, foe, or familiar.

The Garden of the Gods: Ipnysh Sanctuary update includes new gear, a brand new dungeon, and a way for heroes to channel the power of the God’s themselves! Explore the Ipnysh Sanctuary with Ardios, a member of the Crimson Watch, investigating the Torch of Ipnya on Aegis Island.

The Ipnysh Sanctuary

This once beautiful place of worship for the Ipnya now lies in ruins and filled with danger. The Ipnysh Sanctuary is a Cross Server Instanced dungeon for 3 to 5 players. Take on the challenge of exploring the Sanctuary and learning what lurks beyond its doors. This dungeon does not have a gearscore requirement but you will need to be level 55+ to partake in the dungeon experience.

God’s Authority Powers

Power up, heroes! There are monsters and bosses that have the ability to drop the God’s Authority, granting those who have Hero Cloaks equipped the ability to channel the power of a God of their choice. There are in total 7 Authority Skills, 4 combat skills and 3 passive effects. Choose wisely, as Combat skills only last for 3 uses and Passive effects for 18 hours.

Mistsong Banquet

The Mistsong Banquet is back with Season 2 and some changes. Season 2 is not for the faint of heart and now only has space for 3 players per instance. Randomized mobs, 3 more cannons within the center of the arena and so much more await you…

Immortal Warden’s Equipment

The long awaited Immortal Warden’s Equipment has arrived! Obtain this gear by upgrading your Mythic grade Radiant Disciple’s Equipment or get the gear to drop within the Ipnysh Sanctuary after defeating the fearsome bosses.

+6 Lunagems

Upgrade your T1 Lunagems (+5) with the brand new Luna Charm Rank 6! You can even upgrade them while their socketed.


To get the full patch notes and all the details here!