30% Credit Discount for ArcheAge: Unchained

Get Credits for less with the latest Credit discount on ArcheAge: Unchained! All credit packages are discounted by 30% with no limit to how many you can purchase for a limited time! This incredible deal begins on August 12, 2020, and will end on August 14, 2020, at 10 AM UTC (3 AM PDT).

How do I get in on this deal?

It’s easy. Simply purchase as many credit packages as you would like and receive 30% off! There are no additional steps or codes, but you must take advantage of this offer during the discount period starting August 12, 2020, at 10:00 AM UTC (3 AM PDT), and ending at 10 AM UTC (3 AM PDT) on August 14th!

To view and purchase Credit packs for ArcheAge: Unchained, click here.

Please keep in mind that purchasing Credits for ArcheAge: Unchained will only work on the ArcheAge: Unchained servers. They will not appear on the ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers and vice versa.

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