ArcheAge: Discounted Garden of the Gods Packages

Things are heating even more as packages for ArcheAge Garden of the Gods, joins the Summer Deals fray! Beginning August 6th, you will be able to receive 20% off all ArcheAge Garden of the Gods Packages. Now is the perfect time to grab a package, or two, full of goodies that will keep you satisfied all summer long. This is your last chance since these packages will be disappearing once this sale ends. So grab them while you still can!

So what are the deals?

ArcheAge players will get 20% off all Garden of the Gods packages. These packages disappear after the sale ends, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by! The prices for the packages during this sale are:

ArcheAge – Garden of the Gods Silver Pack – $39.99
ArcheAge – Garden of the Gods Gold Pack – $79.99
ArcheAge – Garden of the Gods Archeum Pack – $119.99

To view or purchase an ArcheAge Garden of the Gods package, click here!

These packs will be on sale until August 13th at 9 AM UTC (5 AM PDT), so grab them before they’re gone, and while they’re still heavily discounted for your summer pleasure!