[July 31st] Corrupted Dungeons: Stress Test!

Hi everyone,

As you know, the Corrupted Dungeons is one of our new features coming with the Rise of Avalon and as part of our preparations, we would like to perform a stress test. You are invited to join us tomorrow, Friday, July 31st at 19:00 UTC to log into the Staging Server and:

  • Get equipped via the free crafting stations which are available in every Royal City and Outland Rest
  • Make your way to any Corrupted Dungeon in the Red and Black zones (note: there is an increased amount of Corrupted Dungeons in the Red zones around Caerleon)
  • Select the Stalker difficulty level and sign up to invade other players via the demonic shrine in the dungeon
  • If you have a successful PvP outcome, complete the dungeon run so that a portal to another Corrupted Dungeon appears and start the next dungeon right away
  • If you have an unsuccessful PvP outcome, regear yourself via the crafting stations and participate in another Corrupted Dungeon
  • Continue this process until 20:00 UTC, when the stress test ends

Please make sure to update your Staging client in advance, so you can jump right in at the start of the stress test.

And finally… tell all your friends, guildmates and many others about this! The more players participate, the more helpful the results of this stress test will be for us, thank you!

– Mytherceria & Dev Team


What is the Test Server?
The Test Server is there to primarily test new content. That also means that the available version can be unstable.

How can I access the Test Server?
The Staging Server can be accessed via the launcher. Once you launch the game, navigate to Server selection and choose “Test Server (Staging)” in the drop-down menu.

To access the Test Server from your android device, download the .apk here

Help! I am not receiving my device verification code!
Note that it may take up to 60 minutes for the verification email to arrive. The device verification code might have also landed in your email spam folder.