Explore The Ipnysh Sanctuary – Coming Soon…

The Crimson Watch has sent me to Aegis Island to investigate the links between the large Ipnysh structure there and the Ipnya’s Blessing monument in the Eastern Hiram Mountains. I think I’ve made a breakthrough, but I need your help Adventurer!
You have forged your path through hardship and no doubt that there will be plenty more hardship ahead. Find me at Aegis Island, brave one!
” – Ardios

Explore the Secrets that lie Within

On the 13th of August, both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will receive the Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary update!

This update brings to light the fruit of the Crimson Watch investigations into the monuments scattered around Auroria that resemble those created by the Ipnya and reveals to us The Ipnysh Sanctuary, a cross-server dungeon fraught with dangerous creatures and corrupted wardens. Can you bring a balance between the light and the dark?

Alongside the sanctuary, comes the second iteration of the Mistsong Banquet, where the rounds are more difficult and the beings inside hungrier than ever!

Be aware of the shores of Growlgate Isle, fellow outlaws. There have been reports of sharkers lurking and rumors have flown that they offer a way back to the mainland. Disgusting!

Thirsting for more information? The Patch Notes will follow soon where you can feast your eyes upon them! Until then, get an overview of what is awaiting you in the Ipnysh Sanctuary here.