500 accounts banned due to third-party currency purchases

Hello everyone,

Today, we have banned over 500 accounts for involvement in third-party currency transactions. Please note that this is expressly forbidden by our Terms and Conditions:

4.5.1 Users are prohibited from selling, purchasing, renting, leasing, offering, accepting, disseminating or copying Virtual Benefits, including Virtual Currency, within and/or outside the Game – in whatever form – to/from third parties unless expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions or the Game Rules. /…/

Full Terms & Conditions can be read here.

Please remember that the silver acquired from these sellers is fraudulently obtained – in most cases the silver is purchased with Gold using stolen credit card information. Because of this, and because of our priority to keep a fair playing field and a stable economy in the game, we will continue to combat this.

It has been a while since we have made a public announcement on this subject, but rest assured we have always been diligent with researching reports and taking action on this matter. And as always, if you suspect someone for being involved in third-party transactions, please report them to our support team.

~ Elsa & Dev Team