Become A Traveling Merchant!

Whether you choose to travel by land or air or dress the part of a hero, make an impact with this week’s Marketplace Update for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Beginning July 16th, get your hands on a brand new Firetalon Ostrich on ArcheAge! This fiery bird packs quite the peck and can leap into combat stunning your foes. The garb makes the hero, so look the part in the Arasha Nomad Costume available for both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Unchained also has a discount on Costumes and Glider Images and even a brand new Diligence Store item!

ArcheAge Free-to-Play Marketplace Update:

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump!
Far more obedient than other species before it, the Firetalon Ostrich is also a powerful beast that’s perfect for the most intense combats. Discover what the Firetalon Tribe has known all along and own your very own Ostrich, thanks to the support of some dedicated tribal breeders. You have the chance to receive the Firetalon Ostrich when you open a Firetalon Ostrich Crate, or you can receive useful consumable items!

Firetalon Ostrich Crate – 450 Credits
Has a chance to contain the Firetalon Ostrich Mount

Firetalon Ostrich

Robes of the Dancer
Naima was a dancer from the Arasha Nomad Tribe, known for their highly-decorated and handmade garments and their affinity for trade. These decorative clothes remind the Nomads of their past of loss, without getting lost. Now you can take on the appearance of Naima, one of the members of the Expedition.

Arasha Nomad Costume – 1800 Credits

ArcheAge: Unchained Marketplace Update:

Robes of the Dancer
Take on the appearance of one of the members of the Expedition, Naima, who was a dancer from the Arasha Nomad Tribe. Known for their highly-decorated and handmade garments and their affinity for trade, these decorative clothes remind the Nomads of their past of loss, without getting lost.

Arasha Nomad Costume – 1800 Credits

Arasha Nomad Costume

Glide on a Discount
Light up the night sky with the Glider Customization: Nightfire Glider! Instead of your typical glider that operates with physical wings, this glider propels you through the sky with pinions of magical flames. The original design came from a particularly talented mage who struggled to find the perfect temperature to propel users through the sky without burning them in the process. Talk about magical engineering!

Glider Customization: Nightfire Glider – 3750 1875 Credits

Glider Customization: Nightfire Glider

Your Brand New Dream House
Get your hands (or paws) on this 28x28m Large House. With gorgeous stained glassed window details and a newly polished wood floor, it’s the house of most heroes’ dreams. This spacious house features 8 large windows that you can open up for some fresh air and a marble-lined fireplace to keep yourself warm on those chilly afternoons and teleport to after it’s lit.

Amethyst Solarium Design – 500 Diligence Coins

Amethyst Solarium

Expand your Horizons!
The Bound Character Expansion scrolls are back in the Diligence Coin Store forever! We heard your requests and brought back the Character Slot Expansion scrolls for an unlimited amount of time. This Scroll allows you to unlock a 3rd account character slot and use it on any server of your choice!

Please note: The server maximum is 2 characters per server with the exception of Fresh Start servers which is 1 character per server.
Additionally, if you have purchased this item from its previous release you will be unable to purchase a second scroll.

Bound Character Slot Expansion Scroll – 50 Diligence Coins

Up to 80% Off Unchained Goodies!
These discounts are off the chain! Get up to 80% off the following items to change the look of your Glider and Character through some new costumes. These deals will disappear on July 23rd, so grab yourself some brand new threads or a new Glider Image while they’re discounted!

Bound Glider Customization: Inky Feathered Dragon – 2925 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Spring Breeze – 2925 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Flames – 2925 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Silver Shadow – 1170 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Blue Rainbow – 2925 Credits
Glider Customization: Starlit Wings – 1463 Credits
Glider Customization: Ruby Wings – 1170 Credits

Glider Customization: Ruby Wings

Crimson Perinoor Silks – 1875 Credits
Midnight Perinoor Silks – 750 Credits
Firework Blossom Garb – 1500 Credits
Evening Blossom Garb – 750 Credits
Spring Blossom Garb – 1500 Credits
Devilish Temptation – 2925 Credits
Angelic Whisper – 1170 Credits
Battle Fae – 2925 Credits
Eternal Wish Raiment – 1875 Credits
Inquisitor’s Robes – 2925 Credits
Doctor Healgood – 1170 Credits
Dairy Farmer Chroma – 1225 Credits
Werefox Robes – 1875 Credits
Firebrand Courtier’s Robes – 925 Credits
Lawkeeper Costume – 1225 Credits
Bound Fusion Alembic – 169 Credits

Eternal Wish Raiment

You know the deal. Grab these items while you can because some items are only available for a limited time!