ArcheAge: Unchained : Refer-A-Legend Program

Do you love ArcheAge? Invite your friends to the world of Erenor to fight by your side and earn rewards that would make even the most hardcore heroes blush! You heard that right! We are now offering a Refer a Friend program that can bring your friends to the magical world of Erenor starting July 9th, 2020!

Refer your favorite legend!

Referring a legend is easy. First, click here. This will take you to our Refer a Legend program page. You will be required to sign into your Glyph Account. Secondly, you will be given an invitation link that you may share via email or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Your friend will need to click the link, sign up for a Glyph account, and purchase their own copy of ArcheAge: Unchained! With every legend that you refer you will be given the rewards according to the tier.

Get exciting rewards!
Depending on how many friends you refer, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Tier 1 – Refer 1 friend and get:
“Thick as Thieves” Title and “Symbol of Friendship” Icon, and 1000 Credits

Tier 2 – Refer 3 friends and get:
Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume, Astral Weapon Crate, Fusion Alembic x5, Extraction Alembic x5, “Kindred Spirit” Title, 3000 Credits

Tier 3 – Refer 5 friends and get:
Albino Yata*, Cheerberry Yata Chroma, “Erenor Fellowship” Title, 5000 Credits
*The Albino Yata mount is without stats and power.

And the friends you refer will receive a New Adventures Box that contains:
Elixir of Friendship x10
Dried Batwing Headband
Black Shiba Inu pet
Astral Weapon Crate
Fusion Alembic x5
Extraction Alembic x5
“Thick as Thieves” Title
“Symbol of Friendship” Icon
Icon Swap Certificate

If you or your friend have any issues with creating a Glyph account, please click here for assistance!

Please note: The “Symbol of Friendship” is acquired with the use of the title “Thick as Thieves”

Happy referring! This program ends on August 10th, so grab your friends while you can!