Community Crunch 228: Summer Bash Extension, Patch Notes Roundup, and Summer Sale

Summer Bash Extension

We realize some players were unable to take part in the beginning of Summer Bash and have extended our Summer Bash event an extra week. You have until July 21st to kick back and relax in the summer sun. Thank you for your patience as we worked through launch issues.

Patch Notes Roundup

It’s been a few months since we’ve done the last patch notes round-up and much has been added. From the launch of Crystal Isles on PC to the introduction of ARK to the Epic Games Store, there’s been much going on. With hundreds of additions, changes, or fixes, we figured it’d be good to kick off an ARK summer with a recap of the past few months.

Significant Milestones

– Launched Crystal Isles as a free expansion on PC
– Launched ARK on the Epic Games Store
– EGS Clients can now use the favourite server feature
– Whisper (ALT+B) and Yell voice (Shift+B) chat have been added
– New command line arg: -PublicIPForEpic=<IPAddress>
If this command line arg is used, this is the public IP that EGS clients will attempt to connect to.
If this command line is missing and -Multihome is specified, then EGS clients will attempt to connect to the Multihome IP
Note that if you’re using Multihome and specify a non-public IP address, then players will not be able to connect to your server using EGS. Make sure to set a public IP address (e.g WAN or external)

Crystal Wyverns

– Crystal Wyverns can now be cryopoded
– Crystal Wyverns can now be transferred between maps


– Queen Bee will no longer spawn bees when encumbered
– Queen Bee will take 3% of health as damage when a bee of hers is killed
– Queen Bee will stop spawning bees when at 10% HP


– Reduced MEK pistol damage to players by 85%
– Reduced MEK Pistol range by 25%
– Prevented MEKS from being able to be stacked inside each other


– TEK Shield now has a limited number of crafts (like other TEK blueprints)
– Fixed an issue with TEK durability that prevented stat capping
– Made some UI improvements to the TEK Grenade Launcher and the Giant Turtle’s Breath Attack

Creatures (General)

– Scout can no longer pushed tamed dinos
– Increased Ovis corpse harvesting scaling by 4x
– Reduced the Giant Turtle’s bubble-blowing attack on when above ground
– Valguero Ice wyvern class switched to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern
– Adjusted (reduced) the Thyla cost for cloning
– Argents can no longer pick up smaller wild aggressive creatures in PvE


– Introduced an increase incoming damage multiplier from the cryopod-release debuff


– Additional protection added to glitches on Genesis
– Titans cannot be transferred into Genesis
– Managarmr cannot be ridden on regular Genesis servers (can be ridden on flyer-allowed servers)
– Lava Lizard can now be spayed or neutered
– Ferox breeding/mutation movement speed has been corrected to be consistent between small and large Ferox.
– X-Dinos will now receive the Active Event Colour Override


– Improved listing for Unofficial Servers on EGS clients
– Re-implemented Multihome server functionality
– Loot crates will now automatically open when purchased if you are flying or swimming
– Created a cheat command to grant unlimited weight for admins (Cheat deeppockets or cheat infiniteweight)
– Fertilized Eggs now have a warning when a player attempts to consume them
– Mindwipe Tonic now warns players before being consumed
– Corrupted Dinos can no longer be teleported
– Set ORP activation timer to 10 seconds on Official PVE servers
– Reduced scaling factor of sheep harvesting health to reduce stalls
– Added additional protection to character downloads in invalid cases
– Added additional logging on Official Servers to identify connection and listing issues.
– Primal Crystal is now transferable
– Genesis Geysers no longer restore the food stat
– Jump Pad enemy foundation prevention removed
– Limited the public teleport setting specifically for Official PvP
– Disabled bRawSockets as they no longer function with the new game networking code
– Added additional server-side transfer logging
– Fixed some cases where the login lock could be bypassed


– Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, volumes, floating foliage, and more.
– Fixed Dino Leash breaking on restart
– Fixed a crash related to crafting items with the gamepad
– Fixed a bug which would cause dinos to get stuck when using the Arctic NE teleport
– Fixed players being unable to use the bunny-hop dance
– Fixed a bug where using the rocket launcher could propel you backwards
– Fixed a bug where some Crystal Wyverns could not be tamed properly
– Fixed Tropical Wyvern from regaining health passively
– Fixed Legacy Servers not showing up when transferring.
– Fixed the ‘Kicked by BattlEye’ disconnection error
– Fixed certain server map names not showing on the session filter
– Fixed eggs and babies being teleported to 0,0 when in stasis
– Fixed voice connection remnants after transferring to a different server
– Fixed Linux servers not starting up
– Fixed a client side crash when accessing inventories
– Fixed Crystal Isles Map showing in all filters
– Fixed a mating range bug
– Fixed multiple server stalls
– Fixed some missing icon related to holiday emotes
– Fixed a bug which could have caused characters to fail to download
– Retroactive fix for Valguero Ice Wyverns which were stuck as “Raptors” in cryopods. (Note: you’ll still see the raptor icon until you deploy the cryopod)
– Fixed a bug with Cruise Missiles which caused them to detonate on the player firing
– Fixed a bug which prevented MEKs from attacking structures
– Fixed an exploit with the Rock Drake
– Fixed a bug that could cause items to transfer back to your own inventory when transferring from personal to remote with the T key.
– Fixed a bug with the grenade launcher where it sometimes wouldn’t use all its ammo
– Fixed some bugs where XP was not being awarded properly when collecting Glitches
– Fixed a crash that resulted when trying to craft an item from the hotbar
– Fixed a bug where releasing from a cryopod using EnableCryopodNerf would cause them to take 10x damage for the time set.
– Resolved some connection and start up issues with EGS clients
– Fixed multiple start up crashes affecting some EGS clients
– Fixed language overrides on EGS
– Fixed EGS clients not being able to connect to password protected servers


– Fixed some exploits related to ranged weapons and guns.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed players to transfer items into non-downloadable servers
– Fixed multiple undermesh exploits
– Added some additional exploit protection to the transfer system
– Added additional protection to GCM, Explorer Notes, and Glitches to address potential exploits
– Improved anti mesh detection logic
– Improved climbing pick logic to fix some meshing exploits
– Fixed multiple exploits that allowed you to stack creatures on top of each other
– Fixed several exploits with Magmasaur
– Fixed a bug with certain creatures attacking through structure walls
– Fixed an exploit that allowed mission creatures to be used in unintended ways
– Fixed an exploit which allowed certain creatures to attack structures through walls
– Adjusted several creatures for the prevention of mesh biting
– Fixed an exploit with turrets and ziplines
– Fixed an exploit with meshing and the cruise missile

ARK Summer Sale

Kick back enjoy a great start to your summer with the ARK Summer Sale. For a limited time, ARK will be up to 80% off!

ARK on Steam

ARK on Epic Games Store

Playstation Network Free Multiplayer Weekend

Sony is celebrating PlayStation Plus’ big 10th anniversary this week. If you aren’t a subscriber but want to check out the ARK Official Network, you’ll be able to from 12:01AM 4th July in your local timezone through 11:59PM 5th July.

EVO Event

While Summer Bash is active from June 25th to July 14th, there will be no special EVO event rates.

Summer Bash Rates

3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)

4X Player XP

4X Harvesting

4X Taming

Community Fan Art

Event Gachas by @nova_fox13

Valguero Rainbow by @welshwilco

Building With TEK by @sugarmodark

Exogenesis by @jeffrichey

Family by @Schillaa2

Shadow of Death by @grammar_gamer

Addicts Drawing by @wyvernadas

See you next week!

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