ArcheAge: Festivities, Faelight and Freedom!

It’s party time in Erenor! And with many fun and exciting celebrations just around the corner, you’re probably wanting to look your best! So head over to our Marketplace today and grab some cool items that will have your friends saying, “You’re on fleek”!

It’s Party Time!
Shake your booty to the beat of the music with the newest emote, Rally, and add some fiery glitter with fireworks! With the Freedom Festival Pack, you’ll be the star of every party.

Emote: Rally – 1350 Credits
Freedom Festival Pack – 15 Credits*
Contains: Round Festival Firework x5, Celebration Potion, Manastorm Crystal

* Only 1 purchase per account per day.

Fluttering Faes!
Dancing? Check. Fireworks? Check. Now get a bird’s eye view of the festivities from the sky with the Faelight Wings! Play your luck and rise high into the sky and zigzag between the explosion of colors – but do be careful!

Faelight Wings Crate – 450 Credits
Contains a random selection of consumables and components, including a chance for a Duun’s Blessing, a Wrapped Serendipity Stone, a Weapon/Armor Anchoring Temper Charm, a Resplendent Weapon/Armor Tempering Charm, a Weapon/Armor Tempering Charm, Solar/Lunar Tempers or Wrapped Faelight Wings.

An After-Party Temper
After all the fun and excitement, it’s time to get back to business? Improve your equipment with the best discounts on Tempering Charms and become a hero!

Armor Tempering Charm – 375 Credits
Resplendent Armor Tempering Charm – 500 Credits
Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm – 1125 Credits

Bringing the Summer Sale to the next level!
The second wave of our Summer Sale starts now! Take advantage of a 10% discount on some housing items (furniture, designs, kits), costumes, and everything in the Gilda Store!

The Summer Sale will on July 9th, 2020.

These deals will expire on July 16th, so don’t be tardy for the party! Please note that the Faelight Wings Crate is available only until July 9th.